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The perfect place to enjoy the life and food.

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Welcome to our little european restaurant.

Our restaurant was founded in 1956, and since then we provide our visitors with the best European dishes made from the the freshest fruits and vegetables, the finest meats, seafood and poultry. Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy our meals!



Find the best meals recipes here!

Our chefs cook using the traditional recipes, as well as create their own ones, using fish, poultry and fresh vegetables. We also use traditional spices, such as pepper, rosemary, thyme and others. We create our own exclusive antipastas, and our french cream soups are the best.We also offer you delicious pastry with whipped cream, that will definitely cheer you up! And you can order latte, cappuccino or other coffee drinks to feel more energized in the morning! Come and try out our best recipes and find the ones that will be to your liking!

Omar Elnagar — Chef



The perfect place to enjoy the life and food.

Buttermilk pancakes

pancakes with vanilla cream

Smoked salmon

salmon fish with poached egg

Crumbled soft eggs

crumbled eggs with mushrooms

European breakfast

eggs, bacon, tomato and toast

Spaghetti ala marinara

spaghetti with marinara sauce

Range pork cotoletta

pork meat with spicy sauce

Pepper steak

beef, rice, onion and red bell pepper

Handcut french fries

potatoes, canola, crab oil seasoning

Basil salad

olive oil, red tomatoes, basil leaves

Chopped salad

lettuce, oregano, salami, artichoke

Charred octopus

octopus, paprika, coriander

Whipped cod roe

white bread, salted cod roe, lemon

Duck ravioli

flour, eggs, duck, ricotta

Orange creme brulee

eggs, sugar, flour, oranges

Carrot pudding

sugar, flour, cinnamon, carrot


Our Visitors

Just LoveOurFood!

«I booked a table here for my anniversary, and I really enjoyed the treats! The chopped salad is something special, and my spouse liked the atmosphere!»

Eric Forrest

12 september, 2017

«I go to dinner to this restaurant, and, to tell the truth, they have the most wonderful coffee that I have tried! And the bakery is majestic!»

Elizabeth Lee

30 august, 2017

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Call: +1 234 5678901
Opening hours

Mo-Fr 11:00-00:00, Sa-Su 15:00-00:00